BlackBerry Desktop Manager para MAC em setembro

bb_desktop_mac_user_and_screenCom o BlackBerry Desktop Manager você pode sincronizar suas músicas e informações pessoais do iTunes, contatos, tarefas e compromissos;

Instalar novos aplicativos, jogos, temas e muito mais.

Agora, para a alegria dos MacManiacos, em setembro vai ser lançado um BDM para MAC.

Aguardem mais informações que irei disponibilizar aqui em breve 🙂

Para saber mais, acessem

Viva \o/ !!!

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Ringtones for your BlackBerry

Cool Tones for your BlackBerry” – RockBerry

Tired of the same old boring ringtones?

Tired of paying .99 cents per ringtone?

Tired of having the same ringtone as five other people in the same room?

BlackBerryChick now has it’s very own ringtone station. These are BlackBerry ringtones that are truly cool! The package of ringtones that we have focus on the everyday professional user. Your phone simply does not come with the appropriate ringtones for your needs as a professional.  Even more these ringtones are affordable for any user to purchase.

Listen and get more information about our BlackBerry Ringtones here

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Macintosh


You are definitely reading this news right. RIM has made it known that they are bringing the BlackBerry Desktop manager to Macintosh in September. With this application coming soon, users will enjoy multiple devices management, device data back-up and restoration, easy updates on available software and easy iTunes, tasks, contacts, notes and calendar synchronization. Looks like Macintosh users with BlackBerry devices are finally getting what we deserve!

Log on now to for more updates.

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BlackBerryChick Twitter Page Update


It’s been a while so we decided to go with a different Twitter page look. Something more simple and professional that would fit the sexy appeal that us BlackBerryChick’s give off.  Check out our Twitter page and let us know if you like the new look or not. We are open to suggestions :)

What’s been very interesting today on twitter is the discussion about Twitter apps and what others think is the best twitter application .  After posting information about TweetCaster today, it seems as if  many voted in the favor for it.  However, it seems as if there were comments about another Twitter applicaton that might just take the lead. Well share more once we collect more data.


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BlackBerry TweetCaster Twitter App


We’re a little late with this post after Erica from HandMark gave us the heads up about  their Twitter application. We were very pleased with their Twitter applications amongst the others that are on the market. We were a little skeptical at first and then we watch the video and changed our minds and decide to givet TweetCaster a run.  We will performing several test and will report back shortly.


TweetCaster offers nearly twice the number of features as alternative BlackBerry smartphone or mobile web-based solutions. In addition to all the standard capabilities needed to enjoy a complete mobile Twitter experience, TweetCaster offers:
•    Ability to toggle between multiple accounts
•    URL shortening
•    Picture sharing
•    One-step @reply and retweet capabilities
•    GPS locator to find Twitter friends near you
•    Real-time trending topics list

Give TweetCaster a test here ( while you’re at don’t forgot to add BlackBerryChick to your list)

What’s next on the BlackBerry List for Twitter?  I’m sure we’ll see more BB applications and Twitter BlackBerry Themes

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BlackBerry Themes

We’re back again to announce some really cool BlackBerry themes that were released in our BlackBerry Themes Store. This time in the lineup we’ve got HEDONE DESIGN and more BlackBerryChick Theme Developers.


HedoneDesign “BussFast” theme for Storm  (available for the Bold 9000, Curve 8900, Curve 8300, 8800, Storm 9500)


BlackBerry Theme “Logical”  (available for Curve 8300, 8800, Curve 8900, Bold 9000)
This “go green” theme has it all. Featuring custom icons and banners. What a way to personalize your BlackBerry and show it off to your friends.

BlackBerry Theme ” Logical Today Plus”  (available for Curve 8300, 8800, Curve 8900, Bold 9000)


BlackBerry Customized Name Theme ( available for Curve 8300)

This theme is so elegant and its so much better on your phone. Your name will be written in diamonds with roses weaving in and out of your name.
Your name will appear on your home screen and lock screen. Home screen icons are customizable.

The icon screen has a neat wallpaper that makes it easier to see. The dialog buttons are incased in diamonds. Your focus icon is a diamond.**HOW TO ORDER**
Simply place your order, once you get to your billing screen page – on the bottom of the page is a comment box. In this comment box you are going to write the name you want to appear on your theme. Finish paying for your order. Once order has been completed I will customize your theme and email you the ota link. Most ota links will be delivered withing 24 hours.thumbnail-21

BlackBerry Theme “iTouch” (Amir) theme is unique in its style and complexity. There is no such theme available on the current market and you can get it only here and nowhere else. This theme features approximately three different style combined into one single theme.
(available Curve 8900, Bold 9000, Storm 9500)

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Beejive Instant Messaging – All your IM clients in one sleek, powerful app!

If you do any sort of instant messaging on your BlackBerry, check out Beejive! Beejive is a multi-client IM application that is easy to use, exquisitely designed and packed with useful, innovative attributes.  It supports AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN/Windows Live, MySpace, SameTime, Yahoo and Faceook Chat all in one application.  No more opening a bunch of different apps and juggling between them to keep up with your contacts.  Beejive handles all your IM needs in one tidy app that is astonishingly light on memory and battery life.

I don’t know where to start because Beejive is just overflowing with high quality features!  The developers didn’t miss a beat and are still constantly evolving the application and responding to user feedback in their support forum. Looks wise you can skin the colors and styles every way possible.  There is full emoticon support, a list of wallpapers to choose from, the option to change the color of the LED notification, and so much more. But Beejive isn’t just a pretty face…it has functionality to satisfy even the most hardcore IM addict!  There is file transfer support, 128-bit encryption of all over-the-air data transmissions, custom status messages, full integration with BlackBerry notification profiles, and auto-reconnect if there is any data interruption. You can even receive push email notification when you’re idle.  Hard to believe, but I’m barely scratching the surface of all the capabilities of Beejive.

Just when I thought I couldn’t love an app more, there was one tiny detail I stumbled upon in the options menu that sealed the deal for me and really showed that the development team was making every effort to leave no stone unturned. As a Storm user who always types in portrait mode, I was thrilled to see that the Beejive wizards integrated an option to lock the screen in portrait or allow landscape typing because my trusty StopTilt app that I reviewed last week doesn’t work on 3rd party apps.  I hate being in the middle of composing a message and having the misbehaving accelorometer decide to tilt on me!

Check out the gallery below to see the many ways you can change the appearance of the IM interface and the huge list of available options.  I really didn’t mean to take so many screen shots for this review but there is just so much impressive content to show off.  I’ve tried just about every instant messaging application available for BlackBerry and Beejive is hands down my favorite.  The very first picture in the gallery is the RIM AIM application which has always been reliable, but to be honest I was never crazy about the color scheme ;) Just one of the many reasons I fell in love with Beejive so quickly.

Beejive is available for BlackBerries running OS 4.0 and higher.  Visit from your BlackBerry web browser to install a fully functional 30 day free trial.  I was hooked in 30 minutes.  You can purchase a one device license for $19.95 or a user license (which can be transferred to other BlackBerries) for $29.95.  Absolutely worth the price tag considering the incredible quality, powerful interface and advanced level of customization.  When I think about the amount of money I’ve spent on shoes, purses and outfits that sit in my closet unworn, $20-$30 to be able to “accessorize” the instant messaging interface on my beloved BlackBerry and have it match my outfit, mood, and communication needs on a daily basis is a major bargain!

Make sure to come visit us in the BlackBerryChick Forums and tell us what you think about Beejive or anything else going on in your BlackBerryChick world!
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Where Am I BlackBerry Application

thumbnail-2(BlackBerryChick Themes Store)

Where Are You?

You are very fortunate if you are a 9500 Storm GSM user because you will get to enjoy the WherAmI application sold  for 4.95. This novel application lets users see where they are on the map and sets this location as the homescreen background. Too bad this application only works for 9500 Storm GSM version. Get the WhereAmI BlackBerry here

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